11 months ago

SixtyFour Cocktail bar has just opened Clapham’s biggest rooftop

Did you know SixtyFour now has the biggest rooftop in Clapham? We checked it out and she’s boujee, slick & she’s waiting for you.

You’ll likely already know about SixtyFour cocktail bar. It’s been hosting big nights out on Clapham High Street for years (since 2014 to be precise) and it’s really popular. They’ve got cocktails down to an art- their menu of signature drinks is a perfect blend of both original and classic drinks, but they’ll be happy to make you anything you’re after if you ask… and they’ll make it well.

We have a feeling SixtyFour is about to get even more popular because, in time for the Great British summertime, they’ve opened a roof terrace above the bar. It’s not just any roof terrace: this is the biggest you’ll find in Clapham. It’s only just opened and, of course, we headed over to check it out.

It really is everything you’d want in a rooftop cocktail bar. The vibes are chilled, there’s loads of greenery which gives ‘tropical holiday’ and it’s a little oasis if you’re after some tranquility from downstair’s dance floor! The music is also great, and played at a perfect volume: loud enough to have a little sit down groove to, but not booming that it might over power conversations with friends (or if you’re impressing on a date…). Of course, whilst you’re up there enjoying the sunshine you should get your hands on one-or two- of their delicious cocktails. We recommend their signature cocktail, the Sex at 64. Fruity with passion fruit, coconut, pineapple and peach, it’s sweet to taste and a fun twist on a classic favourite.

This space is crying out for instagram photo shoots and we are sure you’ll see it creeping onto your timeline any second. But it’s also crying out for events, and luckily it is ready to be hired out by you. Day or night, family or friends, when you’re next after a venue you should consider the rooftop here for a magical time.

They’ve got some great happy hour deals too; all cocktails are just £6 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and you can get 2-4-£12 on Fridays 5pm-10pm and on Saturdays 12pm until 9pm. So get your glad rags on! There’s no strict dress code, but we have a feeling you’ll want to be looking your best.

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