2 years ago

South London Cares, the isolation awareness charity that needs your help

If you’ve got an hour or so to spare in a week, why not spend it meeting with a neighbour for a chat. Volunteer with South London Cares.

Credit: @southlondoncares

South London Cares is doing amazing work bringing together every spectrum of the demographic to reduce loneliness and create a sense of community in, what can be, an isolating world. The aim of their work is to connect neighbours with each other, allowing for easy and natural connections between young and old.

They are currently on the hunt for some younger locals who could spend a few hours volunteering for their ‘Love Your Neighbour’ friendship matching programme. Generally, you’ll meet once a week with your partner and catch up with them in some capacity. How you meet is completely up to you and your partner- over the phone, in person or on a zoom call, you decide! If you have a little time to spare, what better way of spending it than by doing something as meaningful as this. Plus, you’ll probably make a brand new friend.

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