3 years ago

Support Local Businesses Through The Pay In Forward Campaign

Local businesses Hopper Coffee House and Hex London have both signed up to the Pay It Forward campaign.

Team Hex LDN
Team Hopper Coffee House

That will be a massive help for these businesses who are struggling with much lower footfall as their usual customers have to isolate due to the new strain of covid.

The uncertainty of the next few weeks and months is scary for us all and these businesses need our help. If you are able to, please show our locals some love and donate to their pages. See it as an early Christmas present, we know they will be extremely grateful.


With the pay it forward scheme you can support small, independent businesses who are struggling to find income due to dine-in cancellations and lack of footfall as people isolate at home.

You can help your favourite spots by using the Mayor of London pay it forward scheme.

You can:
1) Nominate a business you love in your community or tell them about a business that might need support.

2)Support your local business in your borough

3) Start crowdfunding for your business

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