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The 8 week challenge at BFT

8 weeks of being regulars at BFT has us hooked and we’ve never felt better. Here’s what we thought of the challenge. See you at the next one?

Credit: @bft_battersea

BFT stands for Body Fit Training, and after taking part in the 8 week challenge of this relatively new Battersea gym we can confirm- our body feels pretty darn fit. The challenge is as it sounds; 8 weeks of committing to training at BFT and reaching whichever goals it is you’re aiming for; weight loss, building strength, getting back into a routine… whatever it is, the challenge is set up to help you get there.

When you sign up to the challenge you’ll get unlimited access to the classes at BFT and, because the classes change and have a different focus every day, you could easily visit the 6 days of the week that they’re open. Each class is under an hour meaning we found it to be a minimal disruption to our usual routine and there’s a bunch of classes throughout the day to fit most schedules.

The workouts themselves were great. From strength training to more cardio based classes, each one was different from the last and had us both working hard and smiling through the sweat. What’s really cool here is that you’ll get a personal heart rate monitor to strap on at the start of each class so you can see the effort you’re putting in up on the boards during the class. It’s really satisfying.

Aside from the physical training, there are loads of benefits to the challenge. You’ll get nutrition advice, extra workshops (pilates, breath work…), themed workouts and a handy app where you can check your progress and book into your next class. There were some sneaky benefits that we didn’t realise we’d signed up for- we weren’t expecting to meet such a great bunch of people who made coming to the gym feel like more of a social occasion more than anything. We also found ourselves wanting to look after ourselves too; opting for the alcohol free beer on nights out and making sure we were eating well.

Credit: @bft_battersea

There are more of the 8 week challenges coming up in 2024, the first of the year starting on 12th February. No matter what your fitness goals are or what your level of athleticism is right now, it’s such a good excuse to look after yourself in 2024. Don’t get us wrong- they’re not joking when they call it a ‘challenge’, because it is. But it’s one that will make you a much better person physically and mentally in just 8 weeks.

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