7 months ago

The Alexandra is really getting into the spirit of Christmas this year

Whilst it’s easy to get wrapped up in the drinking, tacky decorations & turkey, this pub is remembering the ‘giving’ part of silly season.

Here’s a bit of news that will warm your cockles better than any hot toddy. The Alexandra, Wimbledon, is putting on a feast on Christmas Day for anyone who would otherwise be alone on the 25th. A full turkey roast and all the trimmings… and it’s all completely free.

This is going to be a complete saving grace for all those whose calendars are looking empty on the big day. They’re expecting a mix of elderly people, those who have just moved to the area and those who are unable to make the journey to their families this winter. It’s a no questions asked kind of affaire where anyone and everyone is going to be welcomed. The owners, Mick and Sarah, have been at the helm of The Alexandra for an impressive 15 years and 2 years into their management they began giving free pints to those alone on Christmas. When the business expanded to house a bigger kitchen a few years later they then began hosting a full Christmas lunch for those in their community who needed it. Last year they served a whopping 180 meals on the day and they are looking forward to doing the same this year too. They’re managing this generous act with the help of volunteers to serve the food and local businesses who have donated presents to diners for a proper Christmas treat.

Credit: @thealexsw19

Here’s what The Alexandra have said about the day: “Christmas can be a difficult time for many people, and it is hard to ring in the festive cheer without your loved ones around you. If you find yourself alone this Christmas Day come visit us. Here at the Alex we give out free dinners to anyone who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas day. It is TOTALLY FREE everyone who was going to be on their own is welcome and it is a truly wonderful day. If you’d like to help us in any way, we have charity boxes on each of our bars, and we now accept charitable donations on card.

Yep, cockles officially warmed.

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