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The Battersea Bookshop events you need to go to

Pardon the pun, but there are two events at the Battersea Bookshop that you should, ahem, ‘book’ right now.

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If you’re always looking for new books to read and new authors to inspire you, then check up the line up of the next 3 events happening at The Battersea Bookshop. There’s a talk on sea pools, a conversation between a debut author and a magazine editor and an influencer spilling the beans on what it’s like to be the creator behind the screen… Whatever your reading taste, there’s something for you at one of these events. Go, hear from the authors themselves and get a drink and 15% off any purchase you make on the day included with your ticket.

Sea Pools: 66 Saltwater Sanctuaries from Around the World, with Chris Romer-Lee

Credit: batterseabookshop.com

When: 30th August

Tour around the world with Chris Romer-Lee as he describes the world’s most interesting, beautiful and popular sea pools. You’ll find out a bit about the history of these manmade tidal baths and the importance of them in today’s society.

Remember, Mr Sharma with A.P Firdaus and Amy Baxter

Credit: batterseabookshop.com

When: 31st August

A.P Firdaus is celebrating his debut novel with this conversation with editor and founder of Bad Form magazine Amy Baxter. Set in India, the book is all about a boy’s discovery of his family’s history against the backdrop of Partition through until the economic crisis of the 1990s.

Bad Influence, with Oenone Forbat

Credit: batterseabookshop.com

When: 7th September

Get a peep behind the screens with social media influencer Oenone as she talks through her experience online. You’ll hear the full coming of age story- from how her page started as a personal health and fitness log to gaining a following off over 116K today.

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