1 year ago

The big Olives N’ Meze rebrand

Forget what you thought you knew about kebabs because Olives N’ Meze are back with their rebrand… & an education about proper doner.

Olives N’ Meze are coming back! We’ve missed them on Clapham High Street- having had them open and operating for over 9 years it was a sad day when they closed their doors for a refurbishment in February. But we’re excited to announce that they’ll be flinging open the doors again at the end of the month, and there have been some big changes going on behind the scenes…

First, the physical appearance of the restaurant has changed quite a bit. They’ve really reduced the number of tables in order to focus on getting out the freshest to-go food as possible. The rest of what was the restaurant area has been converted in to a bigger kitchen. It means that- unlike the majority of any other place serving a kebab in central London- they will be able to make two versions of doners (beef and chicken), fresh and onsite.

Secondly, they’ve had a bit of a vibe check too. Though it’s always been the case at Olives N’ Meze, they’re keen to really show off their ‘fast and fresh’ ethos. They’re spinning their food to be the best healthy, fresh option you can pick up quickly on Clapham High Street. Ready to become the place you head to after the gym after a heavy workout or your virtuous WFH lunchtime treat, Olives N’ Meze are all about fast food in the best way. They’ve got beautifully designed boxes with all the nutritional values marked up so you know what you’re putting into your system. Alongside the ready to go boxes will be a salad bar with grains, vegetables and proteins to pick and choose from. If you know what you like, then this is the shout for you.

The type of food you’ll be able to pick up will be as delicious as ever. It’s not changing from the Mediterranean kitchen they’ve become so popular for. Quality ingredients that are packed with nutrients and flavour, you can find hummus, falafel, grilled lean meats, pulled beef, shawarma, Greek salads, rice salads, wraps… it’s all really satiating food that will leave you feeling great. Dump McDonald’s meal deal and soggy Pret sandwich, you’re better than that. Olives N’ Meze is going to treat you better.

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