8 months ago

The King & Co have done it again with their latest kitchen residency

The place is starting to get a reputation for itself! It sources the best street food chefs to fill the rotational kitchen residencies.

Yagi Izakaya is the latest to grace the rotation of pop-ups in The King & Co’s kitchen. It’s here for just 6 short weeks so you’ll be able to get a taster of this menu until the end of November and let us tell you- this isn’t a menu you’ll want to miss out on. It’s punchy and really, really tasty. It’s also a bit messy but don’t let that put you off, it’s well worth every drip sauce and sticky fingers. Maybe just don’t come on a first date…

Every single thing we had on the menu was a star in its own right, so it feels very very hard to choose a specific favourite. Gun to our head? The Japanese fried chicken burger with dashi mayo and parmesan. The chicken was exactly what we were hoping for- extremely crispy and rammed with flavour in the batter and in the meat itself. But then, and get this, the buns were made out of American style pancakes! Who gave them permission! It worked an absolute dream. We’d never tried anything like this before but a quiet hint of sweetness from the pancakes just lifted the whole bite to a new level.

If that doesn’t tickled your fancy, then let’s talk about the chicken, nduja and shiitake gyoza with a gloriously spicy dip. An illegal level of delicious going on in each chewy parcel and the flavour combo, again, was nothing like we’d had before and really showed off the innovation of the menu. The curry udon with sake kasu had such a great, umami heavy broth that will get you (like us) drinking it from the bowl. And it could be easy to overlook the double cooked potatoes but we’re telling you, don’t. Carby, comforting mouthfuls that will only enhance your meal… and life.

If you’ve not yet visited The King & Co, then take this as your moment. It’s tucked away off Clapham High Street and is well worth the visit. They’ve got a colourful outdoor area at the front and plenty of seating indoors if it’s grim out, plus a huge selection of beers on tap and a deal where you can get 4 roasts for £60 on Sundays. And then, of course, there’s that unmissable menu from Yagi Izakaya. Go go go.

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