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The state of the art facials at Fierce Face Aesthetic

Fierce Face are upping the facial game in the South West. And they’ve given us some discounts for you to use too! Read on…

We visited Fierce Face Aesthetics for the first time a while ago and fell head over heels for the place. Set in a quiet residential street in Battersea, the clinic is a calm oasis away from the bustle of the high street, something that really adds to the charm. Since we had that first treatment we’ve not stopped going, or recommending Henrietta to literally anyone who will listen. So when we heard there were some new treatments in town, we jumped at the chance to go again.

The Observe 520x Pod

There are two new features to Fierce Face. The first is the Observ 520x. It lives up to it’s snazzy name. The machine scans your face and takes multiple pictures of the layers of skin, picking up issues that the naked eye can’t diagnose. From pigmentation disorders to clogged pores, from rosacea to wrinkle formations, the Observ really does just that- observe. The whole thing takes under a minute and you’ll then be confronted with some fascinating images of the layers and textures of your face. From there, Henrietta uses her knowledge to comprehensively talk through any issues and the solution for them, meaning that you know that the next facial you have can really target the issues you are experiencing. We’d recommend scheduling in another scan in a few months time so you can really see the difference the treatments make. Satisfying to say the least.

The Dermalux LED Phototherapy facial

The other new state of the art piece is the Dermalux LED Phototherapy facial. This one is super cool- a non-invasive treatment that uses the power of light to accelerate the skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes. Stick on some black out goggles and under the light you go. The light is bespoke depending on what conditions you’ll be treating (thankfully you’ll be fully aware of this after the Observ pod!), but the main gist of it is that your skin cells will be supercharged and energised after the treatment. This means that any repair work gets done more quickly, so you’ll see clearer, brighter skin. The list of things that this treatment aids is extensive, but whether you’re worried about blemishes, pores, hydration, wrinkles, complexion, oily skin, scars… this is the treatment. And it’s just a light on your face so you’ll not get any irritation as is sometimes the case with a classic facial.

So the good news for you. Book in directly with Fierce Face for the Observ 520x here and you’ll get the consultation completely free (this is unheard of in the facial world- you’d usually expect to pay around the £50 mark!). And if you’re wanting to try out the Dermalux LED Phototherapy facial, Fierce Face have given Best Of SW readers a 10% discount! Just quote BESTOFSW when you book through their website. We couldn’t recommend it more!

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