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The wellness voucher from Nue Ground is your ticket to starting the New Year feeling fantastic

It’s notoriously the time to get fitter & eat better and if there’s one place that springs to mind when we think of health, it’s Nue Ground.

Owner and founder of Nue Ground, Joanna, is really passionate about holistic wellness. If you’ve been to the cafe then you’ll spot that quickly in the kind of food and drink that’s turned out. There’s a strong emphasis on nutrient dense, whole foods at Nue Ground that all stems from Joanna. But her approach to heath doesn’t stop at food…

In August last year, Nue Ground expanded in a very ‘Nue Ground’ kind of way. The Abbeville Road cafe acquired the space next door and opened up their studio, a boutique space that’s for group classes, personal training and holistic beauty treatments. Like the cafe, the studio is an aesthetic delight; neutral tones and beautiful design make it somewhere that feels more similar to a spa then somewhere that you’ll be told to do a press up. But you can’t let the calming interior fool you- the best fitness professionals work here, covering a variety of disciplines, and those classes are hardcore. There’s everything from aerial yoga, hiit, all manner of pilates (even reformer!)… whatever your sweat of choice, the team at Nue Ground Studio will have a class for you.

And as the cafe is right there next door, what better way to spend a morning or afternoon than by getting a sweat on at a class before tucking into some well balanced plate of something delicious? It’s the big, bold, ‘New Year, new you’ statement that your January 2024 needs. They’ve made it even easier to do because they’ve released their Nue Ground wellness experience voucher. For £40 you’ll get a class of your choice at the studio, a fresh wellness shot and a brunch of your choice next door! Considering the cost of a class at a boutique studio in London these days, this is an absolute steal.

The New Year can be full of big declarations that can fizzle out pretty fast. But if you want to do something that means you’ll start your 2024 feeling good, then a wellness voucher from Nue Ground is a great place to start.

And, ’cause it’s New Year and we are still in the spirit of giving, we are running a competition over on our instagram page so you can get your mitts on one of these vouchers! Check it out here.

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