4 months ago

There’s a new David Attenborough immersive experience in town

As one David Attenborough immersive experience closes, another one opens. This one is a 3 part, VR journey.

Credit: other.world.com

We’ve not long said farewell to the BBC Earth Experience, an Attenborough narrated immersive experience that closed its doors abruptly at the beginning of the month. But if you didn’t manage to get tickets to that one, don’t fret because there’s another immersive experience from Sir David that has just launched in Victoria.

OTHERWORLD has created a “three part virtual voyage across the miracle of nature“. During a 70 minute session, you’ll step into your own Immersion Pod, put on your VR goggles and you’ll experience nature like never before. The three parts are: Kingdom Of PlantsMicro Monsters and Conquest of the Skies, so you’ll learn about a vast range of flora and fauna, all with your knowledgeable guide, David Attenborough himself.

The experience is available now for a limited time only, so get your tickets whilst you can.

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