9 months ago

There’s a new kitchen residency coming to Bottle + Rye

This Brixton wine bar is known for great wine (duh) but they also know about how to turn out bangin’ small plates. Get excited about this.

Credit: @bottleandrye

As if we needed another excuse to visit Bottle + Rye. ‘Rice Paddy’ is Chef Paul Asher’s delicious enterprise and, off the back of a successful stint in the Darby’s kitchen, he is popping up in Bottle + Rye from 11th October. As the name suggests, Rice Paddy is all South East Asian food. Paul has done extensive travel through the region and whilst abroad developed a huge love for the culture and cuisine. The menu he is bringing over throughout his pop up will be especially influenced by Northern Thailand so you can expect lots of flame cooking. There will be grilled meats (bbq’d chicken, aromatic sausages) and lots of spicy, sour dips and zingy salads. And though the flavours will be from from over seas, the produce and food itself will be more locally sourced from the UK. Even better news is that throughout the residency Bottle + Rye will be keeping their doors open later on Fridays and Saturdays for some snacks, music and drinks.

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