8 months ago

There’s a state of the art film school in Clapham

Central Film School is an internationally recognised higher education centre right in the heart of Clapham… And we had no idea it was there.

Something we love about Clapham is that there’s constantly something new to discover. Sure, we’ve got our favourite spots we will revisit time and time again, but there’s always a surprise waiting round the corner. Central Film School was one of these surprises. The Clapham campus is located just off Landor Road and we had absolutely no idea it was there, despite the school moving into its new SW London home in September last year. So of course, we couldn’t wait to have a nose around.

Internationally recognised and validated by Falmouth University, Central Film School has been running since 2008. In that time it’s been providing students from all over the world with skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the screen industries. They’ve got lots of BA degrees (all of which are accelerated programmes so in 2 years students will be ready to hit the industry running) in a multitude of genres; practical filmmaking, screenwriting and acting for screen are just a few examples. They also do quick courses for those looking to develop skills over a shorter period of time, plus they run a teen Summer Camp for aspiring media gurus.

The space itself is so impressive. There’s state of the art stuff everywhere. An edit suite, a colour grading suite and an ADR and sound recording studio are all packed with a full range of industry standard equipment and cameras for students to use. Motion capture technology was installed in September this year which means that virtual characters are also an option. We tried on the motion capture suit and were completely fascinated with the process behind turning figures digital. For bigger projects there are two big studios and a 90 seater screening theatre to showcase the work that goes on there.

Central Film School offers students a practical education in fictional narrative and documentary filmmaking. We aim to give independent voices the skills and knowledge needed to tell their stories through film. We train aspiring filmmakers, actors and screenwriters to work in the industry as soon as they graduate, both in the UK and internationally.

We left completely inspired by the happenings within this campus on Landor Road and we are sure you would be too. If you’re interested in know a little more about what they do, they’re hosting an Open Day on October 14th at 9.30am to 12.30pm which you can book your spot at here.

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