9 months ago

This new restaurant has bought a fresh style to Korean dining

If you’re adventurous and love an omakase menu then this brand new Korean restaurant should go on your list.

Korean Grill Kensington (KGK) is a brand new restaurant in- you guessed it- Kensington that is changing up tradition Korean eating. They describe themselves as being ‘an eclectic mix of elegance and theatrics… celebrating the very foundations of Korean cuisine.’ and they do it in a really cool way because they take flavours from Korean BBQ and serve it omakase-style.

Each table at KGK has their own tabletop grill, so diners will be in charge of grilling their own meat to their liking. The signature King Kalbi is serious; diamond-cut beef short rib marinated with KGK’s signature sauce that comes ready to grill, or you can get other cuts of beef, tiger prawns and seasonal vegetables to throw on the flames. There’s also a (very reasonably priced!) set lunch menu plus a vegan menu, so anyone can come and enjoy the flavours on Korean BBQ.

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