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This pizza restaurant has just made takeaway dreams come true…

Yard Sale Pizza collaborate with some pretty epic restaurants to make some pretty epic slices. The latest is kind of incredible…

Credit: @yardsalepizza

You know what’s a really terrible first world problem? Deciding on your Friday night takeaway. Chinese? Sushi? Pasta? Picking a singular cuisine out of the wealth of options is a recipe for a hanger-fuelled start to an evening. No thank you. 

So Yard Sale Pizza have stepped in to solve that takeaway conundrum. How? By combining 2 of the most popular takeaways and mashing them together in the tastiest way. According to Trip Advisor, the top 2 takeaway locations in London are a pizza restaurant and a curry place. We’re not surprised. There’s nothing nicer than an evening with a pizza in front of the TV or a big spread of containers of saucy, spicy food.

Credit: @rotikinguk

But what if you want both? That’s where a delivery from Yard Sale comes into its own. They’ve teamed up with curry pros Roti King to create 2 pizzas you’re going to want to roll up your sleeves for. Here’s the details:

  • Pizza 1: Roti Rendang. A classic tomato and mozzarella base will be topped with the famous beef rendang curry from Roti King.
  • Pizza 2: Shitake Mushroom Rendang. The same formula as above… but mushrooms instead of meat! This one can also be made vegan if you sub out the cheese.

Roti King founder, Sugen Gopal, has said: “We have had so much fun working on this collaboration, it’s been great to bring two of our best loved curries to the Yard Sale team and work on creating something delicious. I love working on fusion food and Curry x Pizza has to be the ultimate for me.”

Curry and pizza is a match made in heaven. Get them whilst you can between 21st Feb and 19th March.

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