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Tonkotsu is opening in Clapham this September

Our noodles are in a twist with this news! Ramen legends Tonkotsu are en route to the high street, and they’ll be here very soon.

Credit: @tonkotsu.ramenbar

Here’s some pretty exciting news for the ramen lovers out there: Tonkotsu is opening on Clapham high street! In just a few weeks’ time they’ll have opened their doors to the people of Clapham who are currently suffering from deficiencies in noodles, gyoza and kara-age. This is the restaurant’s 17th site, and if you’ve yet to visit one, then you’ll probably have heard about them- viral for the ‘Eat the Bits Chili Oil’ (which anything you eat there should be smothered in) and famed for their rich and creamy ramens, Tonkotsu is a really exciting addition to the high street, where they’ll be taking over Hacha’s old location.

They’ve been up and running since 2012, and since then have developed their menu impressively- they now make their own noodles in-house and have the cooking process down to a very fine art… each batch of noodles are cooked to order for exactly 32 seconds for the perfect bite every time. The stocks that are used for the ramens are created over a 2 day process for proper depth of flavour. Tonkotsu are reaching to be the very best in what they do.

Credit: @_thehangrygirl

Co-founder, Ken Yamada, has said about their new opening: “We’re delighted to be able to bring our amazing ramen with freshly made noodles and bone broth to Clapham! It’s an area of London we love and have been looking in for the right property for Tonkotsu for a while. We’re installing a DJ booth as well, so watch this space for some lively evening events”.

We can’t wait; for the ‘lively evening events’, for the smaller-sized ramens available for lunch, for the Tonkotsu-bespoke sake and for some extremely good noodles. Welcome, Tonkotsu!

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