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Tooting’s getting kababs ‘done right’

Sometimes only a proper kebab will do. Thankfully, German Doner Kebab is coming to Tooting and bringing kababs ‘done right’ with them.

Credit: @germandonerkebabuk

German Doner Kebab have monopolised the kebab world. With a global presence they’ve found success by turned the kebab into something a little more refined and gourmet. By using premium meats, signature sauces and handmade breads to wrap them up in, they’ve managed to slightly tweak the narrative of a fast-food kebab (we’re talking those 2am-ers where you’ll get some greying unknown protein doused enough garlic mayo to remind you you ate it a week later). But only slightly. Because, if we are all honest here, the joy in a proper kebab is the dirty, greasy, fun nature of it. GDK have managed to tread the fine line between that fast food fix and actually tasty food with their upgraded kebabs.

Credit: @germandonerkebabuk

On their menu you can find all kinds of twists alongside the usual kebab choices: kebab spring rolls, doner quesadillas, the doner ‘gym box’… the options are endless. Luckily for the people of Tooting, you’ll soon be able to make your way through those menu options. German Doner Kebab are moving into Upper Tooting Road! Opening date is TBC, we will let you know as soon as we hear.

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