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Trinity Restaurant voted 33rd best in the UK at the 2024 National Restaurant Awards

The culinary scene in Clapham has just received another reason to beam with pride.

At the 2024 National Restaurant Awards, Trinity has once again proven its mettle by securing the 33rd spot on the prestigious list of the top 100 restaurants in the UK.

A Night of Culinary Triumphs

The awards ceremony was a glittering affair, and it was The Ledbury that stole the show by clinching the top position. After a meticulous post-Covid revamp, The Ledbury has made a grand comeback, reminiscent of its heyday from 2010 to 2013. Brett Graham’s dedication to elevating his restaurant to new heights has certainly paid off.

Among the notable mentions, Soho’s Mountain rocketed to the number two spot, reflecting the growing acclaim for Tomos Parry’s culinary prowess, while his other venture, Brat, also featured at number 47. The Devonshire, debuting at number 9, was another highlight, bagging the Opening of the Year award as well. Other new London entrants in the top 50 included Kolae at 27, Chishuru at 31, Brooklands at 34, and Cycene at 48.

Further afield, Moor Hall earned the third position, while last year’s winner Ynyshir dropped to fifth. Michel Roux, despite closing Le Gavroche, was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award, underscoring his enduring influence in the culinary world.

Trinity: A Clapham Gem

But the spotlight for Clapham falls firmly on Trinity. Tucked away in our beloved neighbourhood, Trinity continues to enchant both local food enthusiasts and critics alike. Since its inception, Trinity has been a beacon of exceptional dining, combining impeccable service with a menu that marries modern flair with traditional influences.

Chef-owner Adam Byatt, the visionary behind Trinity, has consistently crafted a dining experience that is both innovative and inviting. Reflecting on Trinity’s success, Byatt shared, “We strive to create memorable experiences, not just through our food but through our service and the atmosphere we cultivate. Every dish tells a story of our commitment to quality and our passion for the craft.”

The Full Top 100

Here are some highlights from the top 100 list, with London entries in bold:

  1. The Ledbury
  2. Mountain
  3. Moor Hall
  4. Bouchon Racine
  5. Ynyshir
  6. Kiln
  7. Da Terra 
  8. Opheem
  9. The Devonshire
  10. Ikoyi 
  11. The Glenturret Lalique
  12. Restaurant Pine
  13. The Ritz
  14. Mana
  15. Endo at the Rotunda
  16. Higher Ground
  17. Myse
  18. Kitchen Table
  19. A. Wong 
  20. L’Enclume
  21. Dorian
  22. Paul Ainsworth at No.6
  23. Akoko
  24. Josephine Bouchon
  25. Sabor
  26. Solstice
  27. Kolae
  28. Lyla
  29. The Sportsman
  30. Hjem
  31. Chishuru
  32. Core By Clare Smyth
  33. Trinity
  34. Brooklands by Claude Bosi
  35. BiBi
  36. Sollip

Celebrating Excellence

Special awards were also part of the night’s celebrations. Adejoké Bakare of Chishuru was named Chef of the Year, and The Devonshire not only took the Opening of the Year but also Gastropub of the Year. The Service Award went to Lyla, while Trivet and The Dover won Wine List of the Year and Cocktail List of the Year, respectively.

For us in Clapham, Trinity’s recognition is more than just an accolade; it’s a testament to the vibrant culinary scene we are proud to call our own. It cements Clapham’s status as a destination for top-tier dining experiences.

Looking Ahead

With Harry Kirkpatrick (head chef) at the helm, Trinity is bound to continue its journey of culinary excellence. Whether you’re a long-time patron or planning your first visit, Trinity promises an experience that celebrates the best of British cuisine right here in Clapham.

For more on the awards, head over to the official site

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