2 years ago

Tube strikes strike again

Just when you recovered from your last Boris Bike commute, it is looking like you might need to pick up that helmet again…

Credit: @ju_yumi

On the 19th August 10,000 tube workers and 400 overground staff are expected to walk out for a 24 hour period. Though these are the main strikes, a few more lines (Central, Jubilee, Northern and Victoria) will have ongoing strike action every Friday and Saturday evening until the 6th December too.

The tube strikes are happening due to disputes over TfL’s ‘failure to assure a position on jobs, pensions and working conditions’. Though an original date of the 2nd August was given for bosses to provide some clarity on this, nothing was agreed and the Union organised the action in retaliation. The overground workers are striking over pay.

It’s looking like it might be best to plan for a WFH day on that Friday, because 1,600 bus drivers are also expected to take strike action on the same day… getting into the office could be an issue.

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