9 months ago

Unearthed Collective has a Clapham-centric exhibition at Studio Voltaire

You’ve got until the end of the month (29th October) to see this exhibition at Studio Voltaire. Make sure you catch it while you can.

The exhibition by Unearthed Collective is a little different to a regular exhibition. Rather than highlighting just one artist, this has been curated by a local group of artists, creatives and neighbours who come together once a month to talk about all things Clapham. From community to history, everything is explored through a particularly creative lens. They’ve been meeting for just under a year now and the exhibition is the result of those meetings thus far.

‘Where can we be heard?’ asks who gets to decide what stories and places are remembered.⁠ It’s a really special thing to visit. With the mix of photography, printed matter, oral recordings and archival material they have brought to life stories from Clapham- their own and other’s.

‘Unearthed Collective: Where can we be heard?’ is open Wednesday–Sunday, 10am–5pm.

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