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Van Gogh House announces the 150th anniversary programme

To mark 150 years since Van Gogh lived in London, the house where he stayed is hosting a whole programme of events.

Credit: @vangoghlondon

The man needs little introduction. The artist Vincent Van Gogh is world famous, and though many know his works, did you know that he lived in Stockwell for a portion of his life? The ‘Van Gough House’ is where the painter stayed for a brief spell between 1873 and 1874. Whilst lodging at his South London home, Gogh apparently fell in love with both his landlady and her daughter. September this year marks exactly 150 years since Van Gogh wrote to his younger brother from the address on Hackford Road: “Oh, how I’d like to have you here, old chap, to see my new lodgings, which you’ll have heard about. I now have a room, as I’ve long been wishing, without sloping beams and without blue wallpaper with a green border. It’s a very diverting household where I am now, in which they run a school for little boys.

To mark 150 years since Van Gogh left the capital the house has announced a programme of events. ‘The Living House’ is the name of the series, which will run from 14th September until 17th December 2023. All taking place at 87 Hackford Road, the programme will include an exhibition and events that give life to the historical home. 4 artists (Do Ho Suh, Olivia Plender, Eva Gold and Godai Sahara) came to the house to look around before responding to the name of the event, and you’ll be able to see the outcome of their efforts.

Credit: @vangoghlondon

As well as the exhibition there will be guided tours (there will be tours of his old boarding house during the last weekend of every month) talks from Van Gogh experts (Griselda Pollock, Martin Bailey, Iain Sinclair and Kate Bryan) and workshops from The London Drawing Group and Tool/Toy Project. Check out the full programme of events:
20th Sept, 7pm – Talk: Kate Bryan – Jo van Bonger, Sacrifice and Glory
4th Oct, 7pm – Workshop: London Drawing Group – Drawing Domesticity
1st Nov, 7pm – Talk: Martin Bailey – Starry Night, Van Gogh at the Asylum
22nd Nov, 7pm – Talk: Iain Sinclair and Renchi Bicknell – Retracing Vincent’s Walks
25th Nov, 8pm – Workshop: Tool/Toy Project – Noctambulation
6th Dec, 7pm – Talk: Griselda Pollock – Was Van Gogh a Victorian Artist?

Creative director Livia Wand has said: “When Van Gogh House opened in 2019,our intention was always that people would have the opportunity to live here; to take a bath, prepare a meal, sleep in the beds and interact with the ghosts. For this exhibition we have asked artists to collaborate with the house and show works that reveal its inner workings. In turn, we invite visitors to interact with the architecture, history and rituals of the building – in a way to briefly experience living with us.

The Living House’ will be open Wednesdays- Sundays from midday until 6pm.

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