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Visit Two Twins Tacos for affordable, speedy and delicious Mexican

“We opened Two Twins Tacos with one mission in mind, to make great Mexican food accessible and affordable to all walks of life.”

Credit: @twotwinstacos

We really rate the ethos behind Two Twins Tacos, a dinky Mexican hole-in-the-wall on Brixton high street (they’re located in Brixton Mall). The owners saw restaurants charging an average of a fiver per taco and felt that this kind of price made the cuisine inaccessible to a large portion of the population. So they set about solving this by making great Mexican food for just a fraction of the price at their brand new grab and go spot where tacos start at £3.25 and burritos and rice bowls at £6.50.

Having asked the owners what we simply had to try, we went for a trio of dishes. The first two were their signatures; the chicken asado and chips which was a moreishly zingy number; the chips were tossed in a tingly piri-piri seasoning and it came served with house sauces to dunk it all in. The portion size was spot on- generous enough to leave us satisfied but not too big that we couldn’t finish the lot. Next up was the best selling birria beef tacos. This was a real highlight- the beef was cooked to soft tenderness and had just the right hit of spice. We adored the deeply savoury dipping consommé and the fresh coriander, red onion and lime offset the richness of the taco perfectly. Last up was our own choice- the soft shell beef tacos with fresh coriander and onion. Again, the flavours were all complimentary and, though this one was a little simpler than our first taco, it was just as impressive meant that we could really appreciate the cooking that went into the food here. Plus, all of the meat filled tacos come with free guacamole and red salsa, so you won’t have to fork out any more for the extras that you’ll (obviously) want.

Credit: @twotwinstacos

Other than the quality of the food and the shockingly low prices, the service here was as efficient as you could hope for when you are looking for a quick bite. The price and speed sort of reminded us of a fast-food joint- the exception here being the stellar food that is being served. And those prices get even lower on taco Tuesdays; any taco is just £3 all day and there’s never a minimum order, so if one taco is all you want, then one taco is what you’ll get! (But just try to stop at one… It’ll be near enough impossible).

During the cost of living crisis being able to get your hands on quality Mexican food that won’t break the bank is a real treat. The dream is to expand Two Twins Tacos into a fleet of small high street eateries. Get to the Brixton location so you can say that you were there first.

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