3 weeks ago

Wandsworth Celebrates Diversity with New Mayor and Youth Mayor

Wandsworth is brimming with pride as human rights lawyer Sana Jafri steps into her role as mayor.

Image: Wandsworth council

Known for her dedication to community work and advocacy for equality, Jafri is set to make history as Wandsworth’s first Pakistani Muslim mayor. “I want to change the narrative about being a Muslim in Wandsworth,” she says, eager to inspire and support her community.

Sharing this historic moment is 17-year-old Millie Quinn, Wandsworth’s first youth mayor. Chosen by the Wandsworth Youth Council, Quinn is passionate about amplifying young voices. “Policies about young people should not be made without us,” she asserts, highlighting her commitment to inclusivity and innovation.

Deputy mayor Finna Ayres and deputy youth mayor Favour Onri complete this dynamic leadership team, each bringing a wealth of experience and a vision for a brighter, more inclusive Wandsworth.

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