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Wavey Faded; the night out you’ve been missing

Wavey Faded is the night out you’ve been missing; all about the good vibes, the great artists and a fun night. The next one is on 20th May.

What is the backstory behind Wavey Faded? When, where and how did it begin?

Wavey began life as a solution to a problem. There was nothing going on in the local area. No band night, no local music nights, no vibes. So we made our own thing and luckily we knew a lot of talented people, musicians, artists and creatives.  We got them together in a room, actually to raise money for charity- the very first time and since then it’s taken off. Nowadays we’re focusing a lot more on the show element and making it an all-round visual experience.

What inspired its inception?

The name was inspired during our last year at university. Sat hungover in a deflated paddling pool, on the hottest bloody day of the year feeling sorry for ourselves, we were feeling a bit Wavey… and a bit Faded. Something just clicked.

The line-up is wonderfully eclectic, how do you select the acts?

Eclectic is what we do best. Showcasing really. We approach them, shoot them a DM, tell them this is the date and ask ‘do you want to play?’. It’s really as simple as that. We also try to go out as much as possible, see new music, live acts in small dinky bars, go to weird jazz festivals, check out up and coming artists at open micers, always looking for something a bit funky really. We, of course, are always scouring social media, really though the ears and eyes attention are peaked in person. Wavey is always looking for something unique, something a bit different. We’re also lucky to know loads of talented bands from our Croydon days. Two Pound Tea have played every Wavey but one, Vincent Christ, most of members have been in a few Waveys in different incarnations and our headliners, well WiseYoungSage used to be the drummer in the founders band!

You are bringing a stellar line-up to Off the Cuff on the 20th May? Could you tell us a bit about the acts?

They’re all a bit Wavey and Faded! No, they’re all top performers, know how to work a crowd. Bailey is bringing a indie soul sad girl vibe, ChrisP always brings it down with his heartthrob anthems- bring a torch because you’re going to go soul searching. Rockers Two pound tea and Third Party Incidents put on a hell of a rock show, brass, debauchery, loudspeakers and grizzly snarling riffs included- the Tea love an anti-government rally too. Vincent Christ is a cool, cool man- even before he brings out the sax. Sardonic, poetic he is. His music is electronic rock and roll mixed with that Joy Divison bass drive. Headliners: the rap collective Dark Hippies are heavy, expect hard hitting beats and lyrics. DJ Rash Askatic plays tribal and ethnic house beats with live percussion.

What should people expect from your next event?

Volume 6 is our biggest, best line up yet with our, be prepare do dance to Rash Askatic. Live acoustic, live indie pop, live rock, live rap and a live house DJ- who even plays the djembe (and other percussion). We’re bringing back the lights and smoke as well, so be prepared for a real rock type show.

Volume 6 happens on Saturday 20th May at Off the Cuff Bar, Herne Hill. 

£10 cash on the door, or tickets online via the link below. Check out the playlist for the evening here.

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