2 years ago

We tried out Megan’s new Summer menu

You never need much encouragement to head to Megan’s. But if you’re looking for an extra temptation then here it is: their Summer menu.

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to try out some of the new dishes at Megan’s. Though they’ve added three sharing boards to their evening menu (which sound delicious) we went over for a picky lunch selection and had such a treat.

Have you seen the new iced latte? Go check out their IG for some visuals. Done in a classically Megan’s way, this is an iced coffee, but extra. Frozen cubes of strong espresso (we dare you to give one a suck, they’re punchy!) with a milk of your choice to pour over the top. No diluted coffee from the ice melting. Why has no-one done that before? We also tried out one of their new cocktails. The lillet rose spritz was recommended by our wonderful server and we totally agree with what she said- it’s not often you get a cocktail that is perfect, but this one really is. Sweet and refreshing in equal measures, it’s the perfect Summer bev.

New on the menu is the buttermilk fried chicken. What a way to start a meal! So salty and fragrant that the date BBQ sauce that it comes with is the perfect accompaniment. If chicken ain’t your thing, join in with the meat eaters with the piri piri cauliflower ‘wings’. Cauliflower in this style is having a bit of a moment right now, but Megan’s is doing it really well- spicy and unbelievably moreish.

We couldn’t leave without trying their new desserts. The lokma doughnuts are dipped in syrup and sprinkled with frozen raspberry and rose petals for a sharp tweak to the dish, meaning you can’t help but accidentally just have one more. And it’s vegan friendly. The baklava sundae is rammed full of creamy goodness with hunks of baklava at the bottom of the glass. They taste even better after they’ve soaked up a bit of the melting ice-cream too. Just delicious.

Megan’s have done it again with these new additions to their menu. Check out their many SW locations and keep your eye out for The Terrace on the Common… we’ve heard whispers it’s about to get a Summer glow-up.

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