2 years ago

You can get 50% off MEATLiquor this week

Ease into the four day week with a lovely little deal from MEATLiquor. 50% off your food bill? It’s a no brainer.

Credit: @major_bites

You know what we need to sooth us at the end of the long weekend? A really good burger, some fries and a couple of buffalo chicken wings. The only issue? Well, a long weekend is never a cheap prospect. Between the drinking out, the eating out and the outfits to do it all in, the old bank account has taken a hit.

Luckily we’ve got your solution. This week (2nd- 8th May) you can get a whopping 50% off your food bill at MEATLiquor in Clapham Old Town! That translates as under £6 for a beef burger, £2.23 for some fries and £5.13 for the wings. What an absolute steal. If you’re yet to try out the meaty restaurant then this is absolutely your moment, and if you’re vegan or veggie then don’t be put off by the name, there are loads of options for you too.

Credit: @meatgram

All you need to do is quote ‘THANK GROG’ in the booking notes and just like magic, half your bill will be whisked away.

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