8 months ago

21 Grams opens in Clapham South

A big old coffee just gets you through, doesn’t it? So a new, very good, cafe in Clapham South is okay by us.

Credit: @21gramslondon

The 5th location of this cafe branch has just opened, and it’s opened right here in Clapham South- Cavendish Road to be specific. They’ve already got a fleet of four other cafes in London- one as close as Northcote Road- and their success has allowed them to expand even more. They’ve got a big, loyal customer base of caffeine heads from their previous locations and there is no doubt they’ll be winning over the hearts of their SW4 neighbours too.

Credit: @21gramslondon

The perfect location for commuters and WFH-ers alike, the cafe is already proving to be very popular with locals: “Thanks for the coffee, it is amazing! And the place is so cute, I love it!!! You have brightened up that corner with the terrace, which I hope to see always full!“, “Perfect! We need more nice places like this in that corner!” and “Great location, brilliant coffee and fabulous staff!” are just some of the comments that 21 Grams have been receiving since opening. Welcome to Clapham!

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