8 months ago

Pizza that slaps!

…Or should we say ‘slabs’. Slab City Pizzeria is opening in Clapham very soon, and we are loosening our belts in preparation.

Credit: @foodbyamylou

No. 8 The Pavement has a new resident: Slab City. MamaLan left the place vacant and, though we miss their relaxed Chinese street food menu, we are looking forward to the addition of our newest neighbour who will be coming in hot with something a little different…

Slab City have been operating for a year in Tooting Market, where they are famous for their Detroit style pizza. These slices are unlike the usual thin, Neapolitan dough-ed, circular pies that have swept London’s foodie landscape over the past few years. These are thick and square, loaded with cheese and have distinctly crisp edges. In short: they are delicious. Just like the pizzas, the menu is loaded. There’s classic flavours like margarita and pepperoni, but you can get excited with some other inventive dishes: The Rizo is topped with iberian chorizo, roasted red onion, chipotle aioli, the house marinara sauce and a cheese blend, whilst The BBQ Bird has barbequed pulled chicken, roasted mushrooms and corn. Mouthwatering yet? If the pizza doesn’t quite fill you up there are sides too- fries, wings, burrata and ‘slab soldiers’, which are sticks of cheesy dough served with ranch and a flavour of your choice (Marmite and cheese gets our vote).

Who’s hungry! The opening date is still to be decided, but there will be £1 slices, giveaways, merch and the chance to welcome Slab City to Clapham.

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