2 years ago

3 desserts you should be eating this World Nutella Day

It’s potentially the best day of the year. Whether you spoon it, spread it or take a bath in it, Nutella day is something to celebrate

Lotella Layer Cake

Where: Jefferson’s, Brixton SW9 8PF & Balham SW12 9BE

This magic created by Jefferson’s is what dreams are made of. It’s a Lotus Biscoff & Nutella blondie, topped with Biscoff crumb and hazelnuts and smothered in Nutella. With a scoop of ice cream. It’s the perfect mix of textures, temperatures and maybe the best thing we’ve put in our face this year. Could. Not. Stop. Eating. It.

The Half Baked Nutella Cookie Dough

Credit: @megansrestaurants

Where: Megan’s, all locations

They say it’s for sharing, but honestly, it’s a hard one to want to share. As soon as you’ve got your spoon in that hot number it’s impossible to stop. The mix of hot cookie dough, crunchy pistachios, cooling ice cream and dollops of Nutella throughout is so moreish that we’d not judge if you ordered the whole thing to yourself.

Chocolate Bomb Banana Bread

Where: Brickwood, all locations

If you know about Brickwood, then you know about their banana bread. They’ve got a couple of offerings, maybe you’re an espresso butter purist, maybe you’re a fan of the fruity 2.0 (mascarpone, pistachio and berries) OR maybe you’re a celebrating Nutella Day with their chocolate bomb, which comes with a banana puree and, obviously, a Nutella cream.

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