2 years ago

‘A Fish Without a Bicycle’; the feminist exhibition at Brixton Village

“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” is the tagline for this International Women’s Day exhibition and we love it.

Credit: @laylandrews

8 female artists have been collected by Layla Andrews to create an exhibition where female empowerment is the message.

The other 7 artists work with a multitude of different mediums including photography, paint and sculpting. They sit alongside Andrews’ huge pieces of art- all 3D renditions of sea life and all absolutely massive. We love that each animal has been named after a female member of her family who she admires. It’s got us thinking though, would you rather be named after a giant lobster or an oversized crab? Tricky. Whichever you choose, the ethos of supporting women artists and giving them a platform to exhibit is impressive and something that should be celebrated.

Credit: @laylandrews

The exhibition will be on from 6pm-9pm every evening until the 12th, so make sure you head down to the Village to check it out before it closes.

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