2 years ago

A ‘sexy circus’ is coming to Clapham

Think Magic Mike but with even more circus drama. My, my, my! You’re going to want to take a bite out of this apple.

Credit: @forbiddennights

There is nothing more tempting than something forbidden. Just ask Adam (or was it Eve?). So ‘Forbidden Nights’ certainly peaked our interest… and that was before we knew what it was.

Credit: @forbiddennights

Forbidden Nights is a sexy circus/ male strip show where you will witness some extremely talented men flip, spin and tease all night. It is set to be high-octane and highly watchable… We are getting hot under the collar just thinking about it. The cast of performers will take to the stage and take your breath away with their tricks. They are taking over the stage every Saturday at Infernos for the summer, so gather the hunnies, this is a night you’ll not want to miss out on.

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