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What to do in Clapham this JUNE

June? Already?! Well would you look at that. Here are ways to spend your month, all right on your doorstep in Clapham.

Go to a beach party

Credit: Infernos.co.uk

When: 1st- 4th June

Where: Infernos, SW4 7UH

Sometimes things just make sense. Like going to Infernos at 10pm on a Thursday evening to soak up some beach vibes in the form of blow up palm trees and overly sweet cocktails. Sign. Us. UP.

Support pooches in need at a pop up shop

Credit: @muthapuppa

When: 26th June

Where: 1 The Polygon, SW4 0JG

muthapuppa are our new favourite enterprise. We wrote a bit about all that they’re doing to help the rescue dog crisis in the UK, which you can read all about here. They’ll be popping up in shop form in Clapham Old Town, selling pooch and planet friendly bits and bobs. All of the profits go straight to helping pups that need it most. And we reckon there will be some pretty good dog-spotting to do there too, even more of a reason to go.

Become the host with the most

Credit: Nue Ground

When: 18th June

Where: Nue Ground, SW4 9NG

Nue Ground are hosting a focaccia and grazing board making class. You’ll bake your own focaccia and style a grazing board with the help of your hosts, pro chef Liberty and food photographer Gemma. Included in the ticket price you’ll also get 3 Nue Ground drinks plus a gorgeous goodie bag. Picnics are about to get a serious upgrade.

Get a really cheap coffee

Credit: @laneeight_coffee

When: 3rd June

Where: Lane Eight, SW4 0HY

You can find all the details here, but the headline; Lane Eight are giving away Oat milk coffees for just a quid on Friday 3rd.

Go to a street party (that has nothing to do with the Jubilee)

Credit: @the2brewers

When: 25th June

Where: Two Brewers, SW4 7UJ

A street party that has nothing to do with Liz?! We’ve not got many details yet, but like any good event it’s come with a save the date. And like any Two Brewers events, it’s going to be a colourful, fabulous time.

Get flexible at a new Pilates studio

Credit: @hebapilates

When: From the 10th June

Where: Heba Pilates, SW4 0AF

There’s a new Pilates studio on the block! From the 10th June you can book into Heba, a state of the art new reformer Pilates concept coming to Clapham Old Town. Time to get flexi!

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