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An all-American dive bar has opened in Nine Elms

The location of this one makes a lot of sense. Where else should a dive bar be than right next to the American Embassy in Nine Elms?

Credit: @passyunkavenue

If you love all things USA, this is the place for you. Because not only does Passyunk Avenue do authentic Philadelphian cuisine, but it serves up a proper American vibe too. Funnily enough, Passyunk Avenue has taken over the location of what was Homeboy Battersea, an Irish bar. After a quick culture change, we’ve moved from Irish to American and now as soon as you step in the doors and you might as well be the other side of the pond. There’s the smell of frying food, there’s a baseball game on, there’s the sound of homesick American accents everywhere and there’s most likely a game of beer pong in full swing.

Passyunk already had a few other locations in town, in fact this is their fifth location here. Known for their Philly cheesesteaks you can expect a menu every bit as greasy and delicious as your cravings could want. Wings, nachos, hoagies, tater tots and enough ranch dressing to drown a man: this menu means business. Their drinks menu is every bit as punchy- heavy on the US beers and lagers and some funky cocktails too- you’ll be slinging the pickleback shots in no time.

Credit: @andria.eats

It’s a big vibe at Passyunk Avenue. Go for a taste of proper American living without getting on a plane… you might find yourself hooked on the atmosphere. And on the picklebacks.

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