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Anyone doing Reganuary? Rabbit restaurant is…

There’s a lot of iterations of January flying about and here’s a new one: Reganuary. Haven’t heard about it yet? Let us explain…

Credit: @rabbit_resto

There’s little doubt that the way we eat is pretty unsustainable environmentally, especially when it comes to eating out. Meat, food waste and energy consumption all make for a heavy tax on the environment when you choose to eat out but… it’s really nice to eat out. Here’s the solution. King’s Road based restaurant Rabbit is known for its efforts in becoming sustainable. They practice nose to tail cooking using British ingredients and have the environmental impact right at the forefront of everything they do. Which is why they are joining in with Reganuary- their effort to make the first month of 2024 as sustainable as possible.

The focus is regenerative agriculture, a way of farming that improves soil, biodiversity, climate resilience and the water consumption of the land that produces our food. It’s all about being clever with what you plant (or graze) and when. So for the whole of January, Rabbit has curated a 6 course tasting menu using regeneratively produced ingredients only. “We have carefully selected local farmers from in and around Sussex who farm and harvest their crops with a sustainable conscience. Through regenerative farming practices, our suppliers enhance resources rather than depleting them to provide our restaurants with the best produce possible“. Sounds pretty cool. But what’s actually on the menu? Check it out:

  • Mouthfuls: Mushroom Marmite éclair. Red endive, stilton, beetroot jam
  • Beach: Rope grown mussels, Nutbourne chardonnay butter sauce, charred kale, Gladwin chorizo
  • Field: Stuffed leak heart, cheddar fondue, onion confit, candied hazelnuts
  • Sea: Crab ravioli, quince, sea purslane
  • Woods: Wild fallow deer, hen of the woods mushroom, pickled wet walnut emulsion, tarragon crumb
  • Dessert: Spotted dick, mincemeat sponge, burnt butter custard
Credit: @rabbit_resto

A pretty incredible menu whilst being a whole load more sustainable? It’s a no brainer. Plus the whole thing will only cost you £48pp, meaning you might even have a few extra pennies for a glass of Nutborn (which is obviously sourced from England too).

Book in whilst you can, the menu is only running until 31st January.

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