2 years ago

Battersea Power Station’s viewing platform seen for the first time

Battersea Power Station are really ramping up their development activity. The latest is a stomach-dropping peek at the newest attraction.

Credit: Backdrop Productions

There’s been an exciting development in the Power Station work this week. For the first time, the viewing platform has appeared out of one of the chimneys. Popping out of the top of the 109m high chimney, the platform will give users a phenomenal view over London when it opens. Check it out here. The developers are using this ‘lift experience’ as an attraction to the new Power Station and we can imagine it will certainly draw in the tourists when it opens in September this year. The London Eye but for the SW? Sure.

Credit: Backdrop Productions

The only catch is that it’s 109m high- certainly not for the faint hearted… we will meet you at the top.

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