2 years ago

Mayor of Wandsworth opens the Power Station’s play park

A colourful array of slides and climbing frames, the brand new playground at the Power Station is officially ready to be used.

Credit: @nineelmsartsministry

Opened yesterday by Councillor Richard Field the Mayor of Wandsworth, the play park was christened in the most appropriate way- with children from St Mary’s RD Primary let loose to try it out. The Prospect Park playground has been designed to be ‘deliberately playful and colourful’ and it certainly looks it! The rainbow park is a cheery new feature of the Power Station, which feels like it’s development is really gearing up a notch. The announcement of ZARA coming to the development and the viewpoint chimney lift being tested all have happened in the past week, with the playground the latest exciting addition to the development.

The playground is now open every day from 8am-8pm.

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