2 years ago

There’s a petting zoo coming to Battersea Power Station

The world can be a pretty hard place. Let us soften the edges for you the best way possible… With cute animals.

Credit: @theminifarmuk

Yes, yes we know that ZARA is coming to the Power Station. But you know what’s even better than ZARA? A petting zoo.

This Easter The Mini Farms are coming to Battersea and with them they are bringing rabbits, chickens, Pygmy goats and lambs to bring you some pure festive joy. Perfect for children on their school holidays, or adults on their hangovers this is probably the destination of your weekend.

The zoo will located on the brand new park in front of the Power Station and will be open between 11am-5pm on the 9th- 10th & 15th-18th April. See you there.

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