2 years ago

Northcote Road will be pedestrianised at the weekends

Just in time for the summer months, weekend al fresco frolicking is officially back on the menu over at Northcote Road.

Credit: @the_junction_bid

From today Northcote Road will be pedestrianised again! Every Saturday and Sunday will see the road closed to cars and traffic, meaning that you’ll be able to sit out and enjoy your weekend brunch, Saturday night drinks or a Sunday roast all al fresco. The plan from the council is to keep the weekends pedestrianised until the end of September, so you’ve got buckets of time to get out in the sunshine over the hotter months.

Here’s what they said:

“…we hope local residents will have the chance to shop locally and support Northcote Road businesses”

Wandsworth Council

If there is one thing we can be grateful for the (whisper it) pandemic, it’s the fact that we are seeing much more of this kind of pedestrianisation of our streets. The days where we were legally obliged to sit outside are over, but the remnants of Aperols in the sunshine have lingered fondly in our minds. Nothing better than pulling up a chair and getting chilly with hundreds of others on a, usually, traffic heavy street in London.

Are you going to be heading down for some al fresco frolicking? We know we will be!

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