2 years ago

Beetle Juice, Brixton’s funky new cocktail bar

Need a new drinking spot? Beetle Juice is the perfect spot for your next evening- serving up fun cocktails and great vibes.

Beetle Juice has landed in brixton Village with a bang. Bringing their festival vibes, it is a hang out spot you’re going to want to visit. Up until now they’ve operated out of their signature pink camper van, driving around to events and bringing their cocktails with them. Until now. Now they’ve opened up their permanent location in Brixton Village and we had to go down and check them out.

We tried the Jamaican me crazy and the Beetle Juice. The first came flaming, and it was as fire as it sounds. With two kinds of rum and fruity with mango puree and lime, it got us dreaming of beach holidays. The Beetle Juice was a refreshing gin-based number, with apple, raspberry and lychee twists. A bit different to anything we’d tried before, but if the rest of the menu is as good as these ones we tried, you bet we will be back to give the rest a try.

Every Wednesday they run happy hour EVERY hour, so you can get two cocktails for £15. Every other weekday the same deal runs from 5-7pm, and on Saturdays its 3-5pm. And don’t you worry- that iconic VW van still features, you’ll find it right in the heart of the bar.

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