9 months ago

Black Bear Burger is doing a steak night for one day only

Serving some of the finest patties in all of London, it’s no mystery why Black Bear is so popular. For one night they’re changing things up.

Credit: @black_bear_burger

Known for their quality burgers, Black Bear is all about ‘simple done well’ and to highlight this belief they are putting the spotlight on their most used ingredient- the beef. Except this time it won’t be coming as a patty between two bits of bread- this time it’s coming as it’s unfiltered self: as steak. Black Bear want to show off the quality of the produce they use by going back to basics and serving it as unfused with as possible; their steak-night will be a true test of their ethos.

Credit: @black_bear_burger

The steakhouse menu is going to be jam-packed with specials; steak (duh), thick cut chips, blooming onions with burger sauce, burger specials, grilled hispi cabbage and even the National Burger Day special- the garlic truffle burger- will be making an appearance. It’s happening on 21st September at their Brixton location only and it’s going to be meaty, juicy and very, very delicious.

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