9 months ago

The Legends of Them opens in Brixton House

In the writers words: “Don’t think, just do it! The show is going to be an amazing night out & something that people won’t have seen before.”

Credit: brixtonhouse.co.uk

In her very first appearance as a writer and performer, Sutara Gayle’s production of ‘The Legends of Them’ has opened at Brixton House. The whole thing was inspired by a recent trip- Gayle visited India for a silent retreat and it was during that time that she decided that her story needed to be told. The show tracks the writers own life as a Brixton local and a female DJ in the London reggae scene of the 1980s and is full the important people who have guided her in life; her ancestor, Nanny of the Maroons, her brother, Mooji, her mother, Euphemia, and her sister, Cherry Groce, who was shot in her home by police in ’85, sparking the 2nd Brixton uprising.

Sutara has said “I was born and bred in Brixton and it means a lot to me for the show to be here. I really want the people of my community and those in similar communities to see it”. Directed by Jo McInnes and described as an ‘epic voyage of discovery’, this is going to be a big show in every sense. A thrilling, deep story, emphatic acting and- as Sutara comes from a musical background- ‘high octane musical numbers’ too.

The show runs until 30th September.

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