10 months ago

Bleeker Burger has made a pizza inspired special… for one day only

To celebrate National Burger Day on the 24th August, Bleeker Burger have created a very limited edition special. Don’t you dare miss out.

Credit: @bleeckerburger

The Bleecker Detroit Pizza burger is coming in hot for one day and one day only. For National Burger Day they’ve created a burgery ode to the Detroit style pizzas everyone lusts; beef patty, melted mozzarella, pizza sauce, the Bleeker house sauce and- get this- a cheese crisp. The latter is a crunchy, cheesy disk that will give you the same bite feel that the pizzas are known for and wow, doesn’t that sound good? You’ll have to act fast if you want to get your hands on one- they’re only available on the 24th are are definitely going to sell out. You can find them in restaurants (head to their SW London branch in Victoria) and on Deliveroo but there is a consolation prize if you miss out; they’re going 20% off all burgers on their menu too, just sign up on their website. Yep, Bleeker sure do know how to celebrate the best day of the year.

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