10 months ago

Søstrene Grene is opening another store in SW London

And if you act fast you’ll be able to get your hands on free goodies when you visit them on their opening day…

You may remember that earlier this year (in May) the Danish homeware store Søstrene Grene opened their first ever London location in Wandsworth’s South Side shopping centre. The retailer sells all the homey bits you could want- home and interior decor, kitchen items, crafts and DIY, party items, gift
wrap, stationary, stuff for the kids and anything seasonal too… It’s really got it all and it’s always priced ‘never higher than it needs to be’, which, in this cost of living crisis, is music to our ears.

It was kind of a big deal when they opened in Wandswaroth- not just because this marked the start of their journey into the London retail market, but because they opened with a bang- free products, treats and live music all to welcome the first few shoppers through their doors. And now they are doing it all over again! They are opening a little further south on Thames Street, Kingston, on Friday 25th August at 10am. At the Grand Opening the first 100 customers will be gifted a large tufted rug (worth £60!), a canvas goodie bag filled with all kind of Søstrene Grene products and there will be that live music back too. What a way to start their life in Kingston! If you want to get your hands on the freebies then get down there early- when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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