2 years ago

Brixton House Theatre to open on the 24th Feb

Your new cultural venue is about to open in Brixton with a host of shows. Better get booking!

Credit: Brixton House

To kickstart things, there will be two shows on from opening day. ‘Mugabe, My Dad & Me’ will be showing until the 1st April and ‘Butterflies’ will be showing for just two days. The latter will be the perfect show for the little ones (ages 3+).

Upcoming, you can look forward to ‘Swiss Selection Live’, a comedic and musical interpretation of a racially role reversed world. Further ahead in March, ‘The Body Remembers’ will be a solo exploration of how trauma lives on in the body.

Here’s what they’re saying about the venue:

From 24 February 2022, we will open our doors to welcome everyone to our new House in Brixton. A brand-new theatre, a vital cultural beacon and a home of creativity and expression for everyone.

The space will have 2 theatres, 7 studios and a cafe area to enable it to host a variety of events and projects. With diversity, culture and creativity at the heart of the space, we can’t wait to see what the venue brings to Brixton.

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