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Brixton, the shopping hub of the 20th Century

Back in the day Brixton was quite a hub for the shopaholics. From M&S to BHS, it was the first home to some of the most quintessentially British stores.

Credit: M&S Shopping Archives

The first London location of M&S opened in the arches under the railway and was initially called the ‘Original Penny Bazaar’. It opened in 1903 and stayed in that location for just under 30 years (with working trains going overhead for the first 13 years of it’s lifespan there!). In 1931 it moved to 448-450 Brixton Road where it still is today. Though we’re not sure you’d have been able to pick up a Colin the Caterpillar in the 30’s, so we are grateful for some changes.

Credit: Brixton Buzz

British Home Stores (thats BHS- remember them?) opened their first British store in Brixton in 1928, just next to the new M&S location. The idea was to create an affordable shopping destination and in the first year the highest price point of anything in store was capped at just one shilling. The company proved successful and at it’s peak in 2010 had 173 stores in the UK. However, in 2016 all BHS stores were forced to close after the company went into administration. Superdrug now lives in its location.

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