2 years ago

Brixton Village’s courtyard gets an arty refresh

Brixton Village’s outdoor courtyard is always a vibrant place. And now it has the decor to match its personality.

Credit: @brixton.village

If you’ve visited Brixton Village’s outdoor courtyard in the past few days, you might have noticed it has had a glow up for autumn. Farouk Agoro has refreshed the place with a much needed injection of colour as things get more dreary outside. Agoro, Brixton Village’s new artist in residence, has bought his signature vibrant style, made up of lots of lines and colours it has transformed the space into a celebration of colour. Could there be a better setting to munch on delicious street food from local take out joints? We don’t think so.

The project was sponsored by LDM Direct, who have a store locally on Acre Lane.

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