2 years ago

Like it HOT? Balham’s chilli sauce championship is back

Like it hot, hot, hot? Well good, because on the 16th October Balham is turning in to a melting pot to celebrate all things spicy.

Given the current energy climate, we are all looking for economic ways to keep warm this winter. Well, here’s an inventive idea for you- why not heat things up with some chilli sauce?

The 8th Chilli Sauce Championships is coming back to Balham Bowls Club on the 16th October. The competition will see over 30 different homemade sauces being submitted by the public, to be judged by the public. The sauces will herald from worldwide; Jamaica, Africa, India and Thailand have been popular flavour influences in years gone by. Not all sauces will be spicy though- there will be 4 levels of heat in these jars, so don’t panic if chilli isn’t necessarily your thing. Mild, medium, hot and (the terrifyingly named) nuclear categories will categorise the levels of heat you can try. Prizes go to the top 5 and there is still time to enter your own sauce- get perfecting that recipe!

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