2 years ago

Bloodlines: Mapping Inheritance

Without knowing the backstory, this art is truly beautiful. Knowing the story just elevates it to a whole different level.

Credit: @neil.groom

Neil Groom is the artist behind the upcoming exhibition at Brixton’s The Department Store. ‘Bloodlines: Mapping Inheritance’ is a visual exploration of genetic pathways and molecular architecture which has been inspired by his own biological history. Groom decided to map his genetic makeup to discover how past events and inheritances might be influencing his present day life- a project which he decided to express artistically. The work, which is made up of paintings, drawings and prints contains pieces like ‘protein study’ or ‘sick note’ which are all impressively detailed interpretations of scientific diagrams and molecular structures. Beyond their scientific roots, they are also really beautiful pieces of art. The colourful swirls and clever layering of the art is wonderful to gaze at even if you have no care for the story behind them. But we have a feeling that Groom will spark an interest in you you might not have known was there with his intriguing exhibition.

The exhibition will run for two days on the 8th and 9th October.

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