2 years ago

Psycle’s biggest community challenge

Forget triathlons, this is ‘The Triple’ you’ll want to join. Psycle are hosting a morning of reps, run & ride. It’ll be a lot of fun, promise.

Credit: @psyclelondon

Up for a challenge? Of course you are. On the 29th October spin studio Pyscle are putting on quite the sweaty event. Turn up to Battersea Park at 10.15am and undertake a triple threat workout. You’ll start with an outdoor boot camp style class in the beautiful surrounds of the park, then catch your breath and then jog the 3(ish) miles over to their Nottinghill studio. When you get there, Psycle will do what Psycle does best and round up the workout with ‘a euphoric ride’ class.

Psycle are also experts in bringing incredible to vibes alongside their tough classes, so though it will certainly be a workout you can expect a lot of laughs, encouragement and (most importantly) fun! They’ve got drinks and food at the end too, which you’ll certainly be in need of to replace all that expended energy!

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