2 years ago

Kraft is coming to Brixton

What do we want? Beer! How do we want it? Authentically brewed and without any additives or pasteurisation! Well thank goodness for Kraft.

Credit: @brixtonbuzz

The German beer company Kraft already has three other spots in London; one in Elephant & Castle’s Mercato Metropolitano, one in Dalston and one in Mayfair. And their latest? Where else but Brixton.

Kraft is all about, well, craft. They want to bring Brits traditional and fresh German beer by brewing it right here in London on their sites where they serve them. They use state of the art beer creating equipment which means that all the beers are made without any additives, preservatives and are unfiltered and unpasteurised too. So they’re practically good for you! What it really means is that you’ll be getting the very best of the best, brewed in a classic way that makes them even more delicious than your usual pint.

Credit: @kraftbeer

The Kraft in Brixton will be serving gin and tonics, a select few other cocktails and wines and, of course, beers. They’ll be opening soon!

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